PetPlace is a membership based website so become a member and take advantage of all there is to offer. You will be issued with a User Id and Password with which to enter the Members Area of the site. It is our duty of care to protect any Sitters’ and Members’ information found on the site from abuse and therefore this is not available to just anyone “surfing” the net.

We have two levels of membership and the accessibility of information is dictated by which type you choose.

Top Dog Members:
(fee applies)- have unrestricted access to the site and all its information.
Complimentary Members: (free)- will NOT have access to any contact information of 'Sitters for Tourists', 'Local Mates' or 'House Sitting' advertisements.

  Complimentary Members  Top Dog Members 
 Apply to register as a 'Pet Sitter for Tourists' Yes  Yes
 Search 'Pet Sitters for Tourists' Directory Yes,but no contact details shown Yes,all information available 
 Register as a 'Local Mate' (edit and delete own listing)  Yes  Yes 
 Search 'Local Mates' Register  Yes,but no contact details shown  Yes,all information available 
 Read & post reviews of Caravan Pks and Holiday Accomm. Yes  Yes 
 Place / edit / delete own House Sitting Classifieds Yes Yes
 Search House Sitting / Swapping Classifieds Yes,but no contact details shown Yes,all information available
 Discussion Forums Yes Yes
 Stories Yes Yes
Membership Fees
As indicated in the table below, Complimentary Membership is free and Top Dog Members pay an annual Membership Fee valid for 12 months from the date of receipt of payment. This is also payable on each anniversary to renew Top Dog Membership, otherwise it reverts to Complimentary Membership.

Important Note for those intending to become "Sitters for Tourists": (does not apply to "Local Mates")
Registered 'Sitters for Tourists' receive Top Dog Membership FREE of charge. Naturally we would like to have as many people as possible offering their services to fellow members, or more precisely to their fellow members’ loved pets, to help create a network of available minders across Australia. To take advantage of the free Top Dog Membership offer for sitters your Sitter Registration must be received by PetPlaces administration prior to the processing of membership details. Find out more About becoming a Sitter or Register as a Sitter.


Complimentary Membership
with restricted access
to information 

 Top Dog Membership
with full access
to all information

 Top Dog Membership
for registered
'Sitters for Tourists'

 Annual Membership




How do You join?

It’s easy. Simply complete and send the registration form at the bottom of this page. For Top Dog Membership also complete the last section and make payment of the Membership Fee in the manner you have indicated. Once the form has been received and processed by administration, you will be sent via email your User Id and Password for entry into the Members Area. (Top Dog Members can request a receipt invoice if required)

Payment Options for Top Dog Members:
Please indicate on the registration form which of these options you intend to use to make payment of the membership fee.

        •    Direct payment into PetPlaces' bank account:   
             This could be either via internet bank to bank transfer or direct deposit at a bank. 


Account Name:


Account BSB:

067 400 (CBA Burnie)

Account Number:

1029 6224

It is very important to use a reference otherwise we will have no idea to which registration the payment belongs. A btb transfer could be your name but a direct deposit only allows a numeric reference so please advise Admin what you used at the time of payment.            


        •    Cheque or Money Order payment:
             Please make this payable to PetPlaces.
             Include the name of the person registering for reference, and mail to

             PO Box U19, Upper Burnie, Tas 7320.
Only upon receipt of payment will Administration process the registration, and send via email, the User Id and Password required for entry to the Top  Dog Members' pages of the website.  Top Dog Membership will be valid for 12 months from receipt of payment, when, if not renewed, it will revert to Complimentary Membership.

Upgrade to Top Dog Membership
As a Complimentary Member simply log into the members pages, click on the 'Upgrade Membership' menu tab, complete and send the form.  The upgrade will be processed on receipt of the annual fee. 

No web access?
Perhaps you know someone who would be interested in what PetPlaces has to offer but they do not have access to the internet. A non-web member can via a letter to administration, request to register as a 'Sitter for Tourists', or as a 'Local Mate', or place ads in the 'House Sitting /Swapping Classifieds'.  They can also request the contact details of "sitters" and "mates" in particular locations. Although restricted, it is still possible for them to participate in other sections of the site. For instance, ask questions in the forums and of course enrich us with their stories and advice. All they need to do is write to us (see contact details) and we will send them the required forms.

 First Name
First Name
  Email Address
Through whom did you learn about PetPlaces?
E.g. family/friend; club name; advert in which publication; web search; other
Your main interest in PetPlaces is concerned with:
Have you previously registered with PetPlaces? 
Include your Member Number here if known.
Do you intend to register as a "Sitter for Tourists"?
To take advantage of the free membership your sitter registration form must be received before membership is processed.

To register for Complimentary Membership submit the application here
By submitting this application you are acknowledging the following:
I am aware that by joining as a complimentary member, not all
information on the website will be available to me.

Payment Options for TOP DOG membership:

Please indicate which option you will use.
Only upon receipt of payment will your registration be processed.

By submitting this application you are acknowledging the following:
I am aware that a membership fee is applicable and that only upon receipt of
payment of that fee will PetPlaces process the application and issue details for
entry to the Top Dog members’ pages of its website.