Do you travel with a pet?
Then PetPlaces is the place for you!

Be it to find a Pet Sitter when you are on the go, Pet Friendly Caravan Parks or Accommodation to spend the night, perhaps a House to Sit or Swap while on holidays, or just for lots of tips and interaction between you and other keen travellers and pet lovers.

Taking a holiday or touring Australia, it's so much more fun to have your beloved pet with you. However, there are times when you are definitely restricted. Perhaps visiting a special tourist attraction, exploring a national park, maybe taking a boat trip or even partaking of the shopping and entertainment delights of the big city! Let's face it, there are places your four-legged friend is just not allowed to follow. Now what if there was someone nearby who would take your pet into their home and take special care of it for that time; be it for a few hours or a few days? With our Pet Sitters Directory for Tourists you can find someone to do just that.

And while you are on the go you will need those pet friendly places to stay. Whether you travel self-contained or need accommodation you will find our directory very helpful. Yes you can locate this information elsewhere but why not learn from the experiences of others by checking out their comments and recommendations. Note, only as a member of PetPlaces can you read and post comments to the listings in the directory.

That is what PetPlaces is about. Sharing our knowledge and experience to make travelling with pets an even more enjoyable experience.

Sometimes have to leave a pet behind?
Then PetPlaces is still the place for you!

With our "Local Mates" Register we hope to bring together like-minded, pet loving people who are prepared to help each other when we need someone to look after our precious pets.  As a member you can register yourself or search for someone local to your area with whom possible arrangements might be made for the care of your pets.  Another possibility in this situation is of course our House Sitting Classifieds.  This might be more suitable when more pets are involved.

You can also register to be a "Minder to help the elderly and incapacitated" in your area.  Sometimes our seniors do not have anyone to care for their pets when they are ill or need to be in hospital.  Wouldn't it be great if a "Local Mate" was prepared to help take this worry from them!

PetPlaces offers various opportunities for members to interact with and help like-minded people. Whether it be as mentioned above, or asking and answering questions and sharing knowledge and experiences at our "Discussion Forum", or entertaining us with an anecdote for the story of the month, "A Traveller's Tail".  Another example of members exchanging information of mutual interest is our "House Sitting/Swapping Classifieds". And as PetPlaces grows, so will the extent and variety of information.

So why not tap into this source of information or share your knowledge and experience? How? Become a member of PetPlaces and participate.


Many Australians love to travel and many of these love to have their pets accompany them. Why leave that very important member of the family behind? PetPlaces objective is to help make travelling with pets just that much easier and enjoyable by being a source of helpful information, by providing a meeting point where likeminded people can exchange knowledge and experience thereby ensuring others enjoy their holidays with their pets all that more.

Our core information will always be the Pet Sitters Directory. Making available to fellow travellers a list of people who are willing to take our pets into their hearts and homes and look after them with special care. Ideally many of these will be in fact members who reciprocate by helping fellow travellers and their pets.
And now with our "Local Mates" Register and House Sitting Classifieds we hope to be able to help those who for whatever reason cannot take their pet with them.  Bringing together all pet lovers with a combined goal of helping each other in numerous situations.  Especially those who are ill or unable to look after their beloved pets properly for a period of time.

About the Directories

The 'Pet Sitters for Tourists' Directory

You are on the go and have arrived in a place where there is an attraction you would really like to visit but no pets are allowed, or you are planning your holiday and know in advance that you will visit a specific area and at some point will need some “free” time while there. With our easy to use, advanced search system you can look via state for a specific town or just search an area. You can even search via main tourist attractions. Any sitters found there or in the surrounding area will then be displayed. You can then click on a particular listing to check out the complete details; a comprehensive listing letting you know things like whether they have pets of their own, whether "guests" are allowed inside and any requirements or conditions they might have. Members' reviews are also posted there. The earlier you can talk or correspond with the sitter the better. It is up to the Sitter if a payment is required and how much this would be. PetPlaces does NOT take any bookings. Any arrangements made and costs involved are strictly between the member and sitter.  Again, PetPlaces is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any arrangements made or for any outcome of those arrangements. PetPlaces is purely the provider of information. You can find out where our current sitters are located, or why not search the directory now. Note: information shown to non-members is limited, and only Top Dog Members have access to contact details.

Perhaps you would like to become a 'Sitter for Tourists' yourself - find out About Becoming a Sitter or even Register Now.

The "Local Mates" Register

How often does it happen that you need to go away for a few days or even longer holidays and you cannot, for whatever reason, take any or all of your pets with you.  You are not happy about leaving them home for an occasional control visit, or using a kennel or cattery, your family or friends aren't available, what choices do you have left?  When you think about it there are possibly many people living locally who have at some time or another the exact problem.  Wouldn't it be great if you could find these people and get to know each other, with the possible outcome of helping each other out when just this type of problem arises, by taking each others pets into our home to care for as our own, be it on a reciprocal basis or for a small nominal fee.  That is where the "Local Mates" Register comes to the rescue - to help you find that one (or more) local special someone(s).

Of course the register can only work if we all "give" and "take".  If members only search the register there obviously won't be anyone there to find!!  Hopefully the majority will make themselves also available (no you don't have to be available all the time) so that we will have many possibilities to choose from in case one is not available.  In fact the more the merrier!  It is each persons own decision whether to "take on" a guest pet; being registered does not imply obligation.  Some may only take particular types or sizes of pets (i.e. dogs small or large, cats, birds etc.), or restrict the number of pets they take.  If you have more pets then obviously it might not be so easy to find someone to take them all, but perhaps some other arrangements might be organised.  NO addresses will be given out, only contact phone or email.  For obvious reasons PetPlaces cannot "know" all members including those registered as "local mates" so it is strongly advised that one gets to know each other (both people and pets) before leaving pets with anyone or in fact taking in pets.  Being local this should not be a problem.  REMEMBER please, PetPlaces IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any arrangements made or for any outcome of those arrangements.

Limited information is available to non-members.  Search the register either via the map, postcode or direct city/town name, for someone local to you. Once you are a member you can register your own details (as well as update or delete this information). Only Top Dog Members have access to contact details though. It is then up to those concerned whether they wish to take it further.  Other information includes whether they have pets of their own, if allowed inside and if a fenced garden.  It could be that some "professional" minders also register which is not a problem as long as the fee indicated on the form (see fees below) mirrors this.  Also if pets are taken in then it must be into a home and not a kennel.  PetPlaces asks to be notified if a listing does not correspond to this principle so that action can be taken to remove it for the register.

Minders to help the elderly and incapacitated:
There are many elderly (or in fact not so elderly) in our society who are living alone with their beloved pets.  Sometimes they fall ill, are bedridden or must go into hospital for a period of time, and of course they have the additional worry about looking after their "best friends".  What peace of mind for them if they knew that their "darlings" were being looked after by other local pet-lovers - in other words one of our "Local Mates".  In fact some of our members may only wish to register for this type of "minding".  To accommodate this our register has been divided into two categories and members can register (and search) for both or only one type.  They are: "Regular Mates" and "Minders to help the elderly and incapacitated".

Ideally we would like to see "Local Mates" making themselves available on a reciprocal basis or even for a small nominal fee but in the end this is purely an arrangement between both parties and whatever agreement they might come to.  Also PetPlaces has no way of knowing if it is a "professional" minder that has registered.  In order to have some guidelines there are three options to choose from when completing the registration form so that the "searcher" will have an idea what to expect.  They are:

1) zero to nominal fee of $5 a day
2) higher fee - non professional
3) higher fee - professional

You can check 
locations to see in which towns we already have registered "mates", or why not just search the Register. Remember, the information shown to non-members is limited and only Top Dog Members have access to contact details.

To register as a 'Local Mate' simply become either a Complimentary or Top Dog Member.  

Pet Friendly Caravan Park &
Holiday Accommodation Directory

This has been broken down into two areas so that those of you who travel with your own caravan, motorhome, van, tent etc can look directly for sites at Caravan Parks and Reserves. Those that are looking for accommodation can instead choose one or a combination of categories such as B&B's, cottages, cabins at caravan parks, hotels etc. Thereafter, the same advanced search system available for the Sitters Directory is used. That means you can again search via state and town, area, or also in the vicinity of tourist attractions. Even along a particular route or highway. And from these search results you will be able to learn such things as what type of pets are allowed, if they are welcome inside and if there is a fenced area available. All establishments have a basic listing stating address and contact information. Some of these will have opted to add an expanded listing with more detailed information. We encourage members to post their comments to the individual listings so that all members can benefit from each other's experiences (not available to non-members). Please note that although establishments have informed PetPlaces that they accept pets they still do so at their discretion therefore we suggest contacting them in advance to avoid disappointment. PetPlaces cannot guarantee acceptance.

Check out the directory yourself, either via the home page, as a member via the members' area, or just click here.

Members Only - both Complimentary and Top Dog
Again we encourage members to post their comments to the individual listings so that all members can benefit from each other's experiences. These can only be viewed (or posted) when accessing the directory via the members' page.

House Sitting / House Swapping Classifieds

Perhaps you can't take any or some of your pets with you so have you thought of having your house 'sat' while you're away? In other words have your home, pets and garden cared for by someone living in your premises. This can bring much peace of mind, not only regarding the pets but also because your home is not left empty.

Or on the other hand, perhaps you would like to 'sit' someone else's place. This could be because it's a great and cheap way to see different parts of Australia, or to have a holiday in a particular area, maybe with the possibility of taking your own pet with you, or just because you are between homes.

Or even to 'swap' to cover both possibilities!

With our 'House Sitting Classifieds', members can place free advertisements. Or search for any existing adverts. Taking or leaving your pets, possibilities are endless for sharing and caring for homes and pets between members - in other words, between like-minded people.

Non-members can search the classifieds to see the type of classifieds placed for which areas. Only members (both types) can place, edit and delete their own classifieds, as well as search the listings. Note, only Top Dog Members will have access to the contact details in the classifieds.

Please note, PetPlaces is not responsible for any of the content of the classifieds nor liable for any outcome or disputes arising from them. Generally there is no charge involved with house sitting (other than utilities perhaps) as it is a reciprocal benefit for both parties.  One side has their pets/house cared for, the other gets free accommodation, however, that is a matter for each member to decide.  PetPlaces can only recommend that both parties enter into full discussion about all possibilities, and have a complete understanding before any agreement is made.

To place your own classified simply become either a Complimentary or Top Dog Member.    

About Membership

How do you take advantage of all the above? Easy. Become a member of PetPlaces. PetPlaces is a membership based website and as a member you will be issued with a User Id and Password with which to enter the Members' Area of the site. It is our duty of care to protect any Sitters' and Members' information found on the site from abuse and therefore it is not available to just anyone "surfing" the net.

There are two types of membership.
Complimentary Membership:
This is FREE - you can search directories but no contact details are provided. You can also register as a Local Mate, place House Sitting/Swapping Classifieds as well as read and post comments to the Caravan Park and Holiday Accommodation Directory.
Top Dog Membership:
An annual fee applies - this gives you unrestricted access to the site and all its information.  So this means the same as above but also all contact details included in the respective directories and listings.

For more information on becoming a member, click here.